“The Dead Men’s Path” Questions #4&5

4. The significance of the title, “Dead Men’s Path” is representing Obi’s ignorance toward his denigration of the old and super annuated people. Obi was too prideful to be able to handle the grand opportunity to show how a school should be run. Obi was too interested in the modern rather than feeling empathy towards the tradition and the values of the past which led him to be a dead man not physically but morally. He rather preferred to follow the dead men’s path not allowing any guidance nor recognition of his mistakes. The title can also have a significance or a close relationship between the rite of passage, which symbolically meaning a time where ancestors use the path of the story to enter to the real world or to their spiritually world.

5. An irony I found in the story is the village priest was a message to Obi. The priest warned and explained to Obi how much the path meant to the priest as well to the village. I feel the priest knew the consequence for Obi if he wouldn’t take it seriously to reopen the path. Obi still ignored and days later a young women past away and as a reader we knew a tragedy was coming to Obi, which was the nasty report by the White Supervisor All the surroundings of the school was dead with no spirit and the school had a misguided in choosing the new headmaster.


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